ODF Function type

- Nov 11, 2016 -

ODF unit boxes as optical fiber cable line terminal equipment should have 4 basic functions.

① After the fixed-function optical cables into the rack, on the outer sheath and reinforced core for mechanical fixing, installing ground protection parts, head protection, group and protection of the optical fiber.

Volume II feature cable leads to the fiber with stern after welding, the extra fiber is coiled around storage and for the protection of welded joints.

③ leveling function tail joint connector on the cable plug on the adapter, the adapter light connectors for optical connection on the other side. Plug the adapter with a connector should be flexible, pulling; light path free deployment and testing can be carried out.

Black storage capabilities for cross-connections between rack connector provides storage, enabling them to rules placed neatly. Fiber box should have adequate space and way, this connector line clear, easy to adjust, and be able to meet the requirements of the minimum bending radius.

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