Fiber Optic Media Coverters The Principle

- Jul 24, 2017 -

Fiber converter is an Ethernet transmission medium conversion unit that interchanges short-range twisted-pair electrical signals with long-distance optical signals, Fiber Optic Media Coverters and is also known in many places as photoelectric converters. So what is the principle of the fiber converter?

Now in the long-distance transmission of signals, Fiber Optic Media Coverters are using optical fiber transmission, fiber transmission bandwidth is wide, good stability. Fiber Optic Media Coverters This requires the computer or telephone or fax generated by the electrical signal (we know that these electronic devices are electronic signals), converted into optical signals to spread in the fiber, Fiber Optic Media Coverters which is the photoelectric converter, it can not only the electrical signal Converted into optical signals, optical signals can also be converted into electrical signals.

1. With 10M / 100M, duplex / full duplex adaptive function

2. Electric port with MDI-II and MDI-X automatic identification function, Fiber Optic Media Coverters automatic detection, automatic learning, good compatibility

3. Has a storage and forwarding storage buffer, Fiber Optic Media Coverters effectively improve the transmission efficiency of the termination device, to achieve flow control, broadcast isolation, error detection

4. Support for IEEE802.1q network features can guarantee the backbone of most mainstream products, such as cross-switch VLAN, TRUNK and other functions

5. Support LFP (Link Fault Pass-Through) function, Fiber Optic Media Coverters automatically detect any link in the link when the other port to force the other port to stop transmission

As the name suggests, single-fiber equipment can save half of the fiber, that is, in a fiber to achieve data reception and transmission, fiber resources in the place is very applicable. Fiber Optic Media Coverters This type of product uses wavelength division multiplexing technology, the use of wavelengths are mostly 1310nm and 1550nm. However, due to single-fiber transceiver products do not have a unified international standards, so different manufacturers of products in the interconnection may be incompatible situation. Fiber Optic Media Coverters In addition, due to the use of wavelength division multiplexing, single fiber transceiver products, the prevalence of large signal loss characteristics. Currently on the market for fiber optic transceivers for the dual-fiber products, Fiber Optic Media Coverters such products are more mature and stable, but need more fiber.

Because we often use the network cable (twisted pair) the maximum transmission distance has great limitations, the general twisted pair of the maximum transmission distance of 100 meters. Therefore, when we are in the layout of a larger network, had to use relay equipment. Of course, use other kinds of lines to transmit. Fiber Optic Media Coverters Fiber is a good choice, fiber transmission distance is very far, Fiber Optic Media Coverters in general, single-mode fiber transmission distance of 10 km or more, Fiber Optic Media Coverters and multi-mode fiber transmission distance can reach a maximum of 2 km. In the use of fiber, we will often use to the fiber optic transceivers: general fiber optic transceivers and general switches, like, through the power, Fiber Optic Media Coverters plug can be used, do not need to do what configuration. Fiber optic plug, RJ45 crystal head plug.

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