Fiber Optic Media Coverters Widely Used

- Sep 04, 2017 -

Optical fiber converter is RS-232/422/485 serial data through the long-distance transmission of optical fiber, you can complete the serial to fiber conversion, and can extend the serial communication signal transmission distance.

In terms of photoelectric conversion, the use of fiber converters greatly reduces the cost of fiber-optic home, then it in the single-mode - multi-mode, simplex - duplex and the conversion between different wavelengths what role

As we all know, when the distance between the two connection points in the network system is long, we need to use single-mode fiber optic cable to transmit optical signals to ensure the normal transmission of the signal, so many network service providers use single-mode fiber optic cable to transmit Optical signals, and many data centers or enterprise network equipment are multi-mode fiber ports, then you need a device to achieve optical signal single-mode - multi-mode conversion. Campus network is such a common application, the campus building equipment is usually multi-mode fiber port, and the connection between buildings is usually a single-mode fiber optic cable. Fiber-optic converter single-mode - multi-mode conversion function at this time has been most vividly

Now, most of the equipment in the optical network is transmitted through duplex fiber, one for receiving optical signals, one for emitting optical signals, but with single-fiber bi-directional technology (with an optical fiber to achieve optical signals The reception and transmission of the development of the use of simplex optical fiber transmission equipment has gradually become common. Then to achieve duplex equipment and simplex equipment between the connection, you need to use optical fiber converter for simplex - duplex conversion.

In addition, the use of optical fiber converter for simplex - duplex conversion can also greatly increase the fiber transmission capacity. For example, over time, network end users and devices will be more and more, so network providers will increase the number of switches and fiber optic cable to meet this demand, then, it must also increase the supplier Fiber and fiber between the end and the client. However, increasing the cost of fiber-optic cables between the vendor's office and the client is high, and if the simplex-duplex conversion function of the fiber converter is used, the number of fiber uses can be reduced by half, greatly increasing the transmission of each fiber Capacity, cost savings

Wavelength conversion, fiber converter wavelength conversion function can further increase the fiber transmission capacity, for example, in the use of wavelength division multiplexing technology applications, the wavelength division multiplexer will be different wavelengths of optical signals multiplexed onto an optical fiber And then the wavelength of the optical signal demultiplexed by the wavelength division multiplexer may be different from the wavelength that the target connected device can receive. In this case, it is necessary to use the optical fiber Converter for wavelength conversion

Fiber-optic media converters are cost-effective solutions for expanding single-mode, multi-mode, simplex-duplex and inter-wavelength switching networks and increasing fiber capacity applications, and are widely used in optical networks

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